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Competitive & Non-Competitive Teams
For athletes ages 5 - 18 years

*offered at NAPAC North*

It is our mission to provide a positive, and safe learning environment for all of our Cheerleaders. We are a family oriented training facility for kids ages 5-18, no experience necessary! We have affordable Teams and Classes for all levels!

Memberhsip Fee for Non-Competitive Cheer Programs: $65 (includes shoes)

Contact: cheer@newattitudepac.com


Tumble Cheer Class:

Come have fun and skill build all at the same time in our Tumble Cheer class.  This is a non-competitive class for girls and boys ages 5-11. Students will learn the cheer basics of stunting, tumbling, jumping and cheer-dance.

*Junior class meets twice per week for an hour and a half- $120 per month

*Senior class meets twice per week for two hours-$125 per month

*Non level class meets one per week for one hour- $70 per month


AllStar Prep: (to be USASF affiliated)

Beginners and above welcome! This program provides the opportunity for athletes to be introduced to and experience competitive cheerleading with limited commitment.  


Allstar Cheerleading: (coming soon- USASF membership)

Competitive cheerleading for all levels.

Cheer Schedule

Mon-Tumble Cheer/Tumble Privates
Tues-5:00-6:30 Junior Tumble Cheer
         6:30-7-30 Senior Tumble Cheer
Wed 2:30-3:30 Home School
         4:45-5:45 Tumble/Cheer (ages 5-11)
         5:45-6:45 Tumble/Cheer (12-up)
         6:45-8:00 Elite Racers Altethix
Thurs 5:30-7:00 Junior Tumble Cheer
           7:00-9:00 Senior Tumble Cheer


Large Heading