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Summer 2022

Chance to Dance 

Learn more about our NEW 'Chance to Dance' program

Music Lessons

Learn more about our NEW Music Lessons for Ages 5 & Up

Acting Classes


Learn more about NEW Acting Classes

Chance to Dance

Chance to Dance

Chance to Dance
Ages 5 years​​​​​ & Up


At NAPAC we believe dance is for everyBODY! Our new Chance to Dance Classes are for Dancers that learn and move differently. Dancers will learn all types of dance in safe, fun, encouraging atmosphere. Dancer's participating in the Chance to Dance Program will gain confidence, create lasting memories, and gain life long friendships.

We will target the areas of gross motor movement and sensory stimulation. These classes aim to improve physical coordination and proficiency.  Studies even show that dance therapy can increase concentration and mood!

Large Heading

Toddler & Preschool Programs


Classes for Ages 2-3 years old & 3-4 years old | 45-60 minute class

  • This class provides basic ballet skills, locomotive skills, as well as basic tap skills!  It's a great place for children to express themselves, have fun and learn some great coordination skills!


Classes for Ages 5-6 years old | 60 minute class 


  • Here we fine-tune our ballet basics, locomotive skills and move towards advancing our tap skills. This class is a great place for your child to feel challenged, have fun and continue to grow!



* Students will perform in both the Winter Show and the Spring Recital!

Music Lessons

Music Lessons
Ages 5 years & up

NAPAC is now offering private and group Piano, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, and Ukulele lessons for ages 5 and up! We believe that exposure to all of the arts creates well rounded students! Students will need to have their own guitar. We will have a keyboard for students to rehearse with at the studio.

Youth & Teen Programs

Classes for Ages 7 years old & up | 60 minute classes

  • Students are placed according to age and/or ability. With multiple options dancers are able to focus on what they enjoy and excel in! Teachers will continually evaluate the dancers to make sure they are properly placed! Here students are able to create their own personal path, whether it's to push them to become a technical dancer, or to experience the enjoyment movement brings them!  Here you can have it all!


Styles include:

  • Jazz/Tap

  • Ballet

  • Lyrical

  • Musical Theater

  • Modern

  • Hip Hop

  • Yoga

  • Acrobatics

* Students will perform in both the Winter Show and the Spring Recital!

Music Lessons

Acting Classes

Acting Classes
Ages 5 years​​ & up


What would a Performing Arts Center be without Acting Classes? Build confidence, public speaking skills, and have fun in our private and group acting classes. Our acting students will explore improv activities, emotional execution, and audition tips and tricks.

Acting Classes

"Best decision we made for our daughters dance career was to move her to NAPAC. She has advanced so much and looks forward to going every day. All of her teachers push her to ensure she is the best she can be. We love New Attitude!"


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